Intermediate Handgun

The following information covers the main talking points that will covered in the class and what you will be required to bring to the class.

Be sure to wear the appropriate clothing for the weather as we will still have the class rain or shine. If weather causes us to delay or cancel a class, we will use the information provided during registration to attempt to notify you as soon as possible.


Purpose of the Class

  • Handgun safety
  • Malfunction drills
  • Revolver and Semiautomatics pistols loading and unloading drills
  • Grip, Stance, Sighting, Follow thru and breathing
  • Weapon retention and holster drills
  • C.Q.B (Close Quarter Combat) Shooting drills
  • Shooting on move drills

Required Equipment

  • Handgun (Revolver or Semi-Automatic)
  • 300 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Two speed loaders if using a Revolver
  • Two magazines if using a Semi-Automatic
  • Belt and Holster
  • Hearing and Eye Protection
  • Billed Hat or Cap
  • Appropriate Clothing for the weather (Rain Gear, Jacket, Gloves, etc)

Cost for the Class

  • $60.00

Register for Upcoming Classes

  • None at this time

Refund Policy